Live Data

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DAML contracts can be created by either creating a new contract from template, or alternatively, by exercising a choice on an existing contract.

The "Live Data" page in the console allows you to view all the existing DAML contracts, and also to search and filter them.

For manual testing purposes, you can also create new contracts in this page and fill the contract fields using the console interface.

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  • Primitives - For Int, Decimal, Text, Timestamp, Scenario, and ContractId simply enter the value in the empty field. Party and Bool contains dropdowns where you select the desired input. Date lets you select the the date you want from a calendar.
  • Lists - Enter each value of the list separately and press enter. An empty list is created by default if you don't enter any values. If you wish to delete a single value, press on the x that appears above it.
  • Optionals - Optional primitives are inline whereas optional records and variants are on newlines. To input an optional value, click on the view button and fill in the fields. The information is saved even when you collapse the window. If you don't want to enter anything, leave the fields blank.
  • Maps - Maps are represented as key-value pairs. Keys and values have their respectively separate input fields.
  • User-Defined Types - Variants appear as dropdowns and records as blocks containing their values. Variants with constructors appear as dropdown menus. Each constructor is an item on the dropdown. Once a constructor is chosen, the input fields for it appear below.

The representation of user-defined types may become arbitrarily complicated and this user interface assumes a relatively simple structure of the latter.

more coming soon ...